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Smile Box


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Our Smile Box is sure to make any candle lover grin from ear to ear. We have filled it with happy scents that will bring a smile to a friend, family member or maybe to yourself...we all deserve a treat.

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What Is In The Box?
  • 12oz Quote Candle- Sunny Sunflower - "Choose Happy"
  • 16oz Meadows In Bloom...are you smiling yet?
  • 8oz Coconut Mango Pineapple...always a happy and fresh.
  • 8oz Freshly Baked Cookies...a sweet smile.
  • 8oz The Ice Cream Shoppe...happiness.
  • 6oz Anything For You - "Everyone Has A Reason To Smile...You're Mine"
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We also have a Birthday Box and a Frasier Fir Box.


Q – Why can’t I smell the candle?

A – We all smell things differently. According to Science Daily, “Small differences in olfactory receptor genes, which are extremely common in humans, can affect the way each receptor functions. These genetic differences mean that when 2 people smell the same molecule, one person may detect a floral scent while another smells nothing at all” Just like our senses of taste differ, so do our senses of smell.


Q – Should I trim the wick before I burn the candle?

A – We don’t recommend trimming the wick for the first burn.


Q – What do you use to scent the candles?

A – All of our essential oil and naturally derived fragrance oil blends are free of phthalates, phosphates and parabens.


Q – Are your wicks lead-free?

A – All of our wicks are made of cotton and are lead-free.


Q – What is your wax made from?

A – Our wax is made from 100% pure soy. Our soy is grown by North American Farmers.

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