About Us

Our story began in 2002 on the beautiful island of Nassau in the Bahamas.  While down for a visit (my mom was living there at the time) I met my now husband and fell in love. With him, but also the natural beauty and vibrancy of the place. The turquoise blue waters, stunning sunsets, brightly coloured beach huts...they overtook my senses and filled my soul.

Which is why it bothered me so much that almost all the souvenirs sold there were poorly crafted, unsustainable and imported from the US and China. And why I started this business: to fill that gap in the marketplace by creating a keepsake that could act as an authentic reminder of the splendor of Nassau.

What further fuelled my fire was my mom’s diagnosis and battle with cancer. Together, we became enlightened to the sad reality that so many of the ingredients in the products we use on our bodies and in our homes can seriously harm our health. A friend sent me a photo of a candle she had seen that was made in California, where labelling laws are stringent. The disclaimer literally said “May cause cancer.” Right there, plain as day. That reinforced by drive to create pure soy candles void of pollutants and carcinogens in a big way.

After nearly 20 years and the amazing support of family and friends, we’re back in our home and native land (in Collingwood, ON) and excited to make a name for ourselves here. In November of 2016, we opened our brick and mortar factory and store and have been full steam ahead ever since, working with big guns like HOMESENSE, amazing businesses local and afar and major spas in the area.  We are now beyond excited to be in our dream space on Balsam Street.

At Serendipity, we’re dedicated to reaching the masses. That means offering an affordably priced product for more than just a lucky few to enjoy. Other natural candle companies seem to think that they’re entitled to vastly overcharge. We’re different in that above all else, we’re committed to showing people how awesome and easy it is to make better purchasing decisions as a consumer.

Hope you’ll join us in spreading the word and supporting our mandate to make the world a better place, one clean-burning candle at a time. 


Jenn Ageeb

Founder & Owner

Me with my family.

My boys with my late mother.



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