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<p>Ces bougies extra larges sont parfaites pour ce parfum préféré ! Parfumez toute la maison avec ces bougies qui durent très longtemps.</p> <p>48 oz - Durée de combustion de plus de 300 h </p> <p>64 oz - Durée de combustion de plus de 400 h </p> <p><strong>Vous netrouvez pas l'option de votre parfum préféré, pas de problème ! Envoyez-nous un courriel et nous serons heureux de vous en couler un spécialement pour vous!</strong></p> <p>VEUILLEZ NOTER: Comme pour toute bougie, le premier allumage est le plus important ! Assurez-vous que la première fois que vous brûlez cette bougie, vous l'allumez quand vous pouvez la laisser brûler pendant plusieurs heures. Si vous vous assurez que la cire fond complètement sur les bords lors de la première combustion, vous déterminerez comment la bougie brûlera pendant tout ce temps et vous obtiendrez la meilleure durée de combustion! </p>

Customer Reviews

Based on 186 reviews
Amy Gregorio
This is my 4th 5 wick candle

I love these candles. They are the only ones I purchase for my home. I always get compliments when company comes over. They love the smell. I love the lavender and patchouli.

Sandi Miller
The candle I received will not stayed lit, the wicks are crooked. So it keeps going out. But the ...

Still trying to light fully, 2 of the wicks are making it hard. The aroma I’m sure will be amazing

Best candle!

Great centerpiece for a table with a candle ring

Mary Lou Hall
I wish I could have them all

Every scent brings upon a special memory experience. I have my favorites yet there are still soo many to enjoy but I know I cant have them all. I truly appreciate the quality of the candles and their beauty when on display in my home.
I do wish there was some way of reusing the containers afterwards - any suggestions?
Thank You for sharing your creative passion for me to enjoy.


I don’t notice any scent when lit. Disappointed since it costs over 100$ Will not purchase again.

Handmade with love in Canada

Discover 100% natural & eco-friendly soy candles that smell absolutely amazing. Every candle is hand-poured with great care by our small team in our factory.

Our candles are for those who don't want to sacrifice on the air that they breathe in. They are for those who don't want to harm our planet, but want to make their moments feel more special.

Hand-poured with love in our Canadian factory #shoplocal

100% natural & eco-friendly soy candles that smell absolutely amazing

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