Hamac au bord du quai


Taille du récipient

Hamac au bord du quai


Taille du récipient

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All natural, chemical-free, hand-poured Canadian soy wax candles.

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Prenez un moment pour vous détendre et relaxer avec cette magnifique bougie au soja inspirée de l'été.

Mêlant des odeurs fraîches et propres aux arômes relaxants et rafraîchissants de la pluie et de l'air des montagnes, cette bougie vous fera passer des vacances inoubliables.

Particularités de cette bougie :

  • Bougies de soja entièrement naturelles coulées à la main.
  • Sans cruauté, entièrement naturel, sans OGM, végétalien, casher, non irritant et fièrement fabriqué au Canada.
Cube de cire
Pot bougie de 8 oz - Durée de combustion entre 40-50 h
Pot bougie de 16 oz - Durée de combustion entre 80-85 h
Pour plus d'informations et notre FAQ, veuillez lire ceci FAQ's and Conseils de combustion Pages

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Gentle And Pleasing

Dockside Hammock is a soft and gentle mildly sweet scent that is very soothing.
It is not musky, perfumey, sharp or pungent.
I purchased the small candle and place it in a vase to help amplify the throw and scent projection and it performs extremely well there; it burns clean and with very good throw and scent projection. Although a mild scent, it has presence and I do not go nose-blind to it.
The strength of the fragrance has not been compromised by multiple long burn times nor does it weigh heavy in the air and I’ve not experienced any lung discomfort.
A very pleasant scent that I’ve been especially enjoying in the evenings, but quite appropriate any time of day. I also wouldn’t hesitate to enjoy this during the colder months.


I’m loving this scent☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️


Smells great

Gorgeous Scent

Love this candle and the wax melts.
My home smells fabulous

Marianne M
Love it

Nice relaxing scent

Handmade with love in Canada

Discover 100% natural & eco-friendly soy candles that smell absolutely amazing. Every candle is hand-poured with great care by our small team in our factory.

Our candles are for those who don't want to sacrifice on the air that they breathe in. They are for those who don't want to harm our planet, but want to make their moments feel more special.

Hand-poured with love in our Canadian factory #shoplocal

100% natural & eco-friendly soy candles that smell absolutely amazing

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